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15 Famous figures who took a bullet and lived to tell the tale (With Pictures)

10. Bob Marley

You’re probably wondering how an advocate for peace like Bob Marley could wind up in such a violent situation. It all stems from the two warring political parties of Jamaica at the time: the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaican Labour Party (JLP). Bob did his best to stay out of the political war, but being such a huge figure made it impossible.

In an attempt to bring the people together, Bob Marley was to headline a free concert called ‘Smile Jamaica.’ However, the event was organized by then Prime Minister Michael Manley of the PNP. People saw this as Marley aligning himself with the party. Two days before the event, gunmen attacked his home, resulting in Bob, his wife, and manager all sustaining injuries.

Marley was shot in the chest and arm. The doctors told him that if they removed the bullet from his arm, there was risk that he may lose control of his fingers. Unable to imagine a world where he couldn’t play instruments, the bullet stayed in his arm where it would remain for the rest of his life.

Bob Marley played the Smile Jamaica concert two days later, delivering one of his greatest performances for 80,000 people of Jamaica. When asked why he played the concert, the legend had this to say: “The people who are trying to make this world worse aren’t taking a day off. How can I?”


9. Cam’ron

Rappers are known for flaunting what they’ve got, and Cam’ron is no exception, but sometimes it’s a good idea to keep your chain tucked, or in this case your Lamborghini in the garage.

In 2005, Cam’ron was driving home from a homecoming party in Washington D.C. He cruised through the streets in his royal blue Lamborghini Gallardo, wearing what a friend described as $200,000 worth of diamonds and other jewelry, when he stopped at a fateful red light. Another car pulled up next to him, and an armed assailant exited.

The gunmen tried to rob Killa Cam’s Lamborghini, but the rapper refused, instead cursing out his attacker and driving off, but not before receiving a bullet through each of his arms. Despite sustaining these injuries, the rap legend managed to drive himself to the hospital. After being released from the hospital he had this to say: “I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22. It was a sloppy job on their part. They didn’t get anything, I still got my car and my jewelry.”

This is all happening in the midst of a feud between Cam’ron and Jay Z, but it is widely believed that Jigga had little to do with the attack.



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