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13 most evil acts committed by serial killers – this will shock you! (With Pictures)

12. Ted Bundy – 30 Female Victims


Alongside Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy is also regarded as one of the “most famous” serial killers in history based on the multiple documentaries and movies portraying the character. He was an American serial killer who targeted young women and girls, much like Jeffrey Dahmer, except female as opposed to male. The assumed amount of victims surpasses 30 and he committed these crimes between the years of 1961 and 1974.

There are quite a few people that are both interested in this topic and those that aren’t that would be surprised to find somebody that hasn’t heard about Ted Bundy, given how his name has circulated time and time again. While other serial killers were given a sentence in prison be it life imprisonment or otherwise, Ted Bundy was sentenced to death via electric chair, which you can see in several movie adaptations. And let me tell you, if it were me, death via electric chair would be the least sought after form of execution.



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