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“#BBNaija TBoss lied against me, I did not put my finger in her” – Kemen reveals shocking details

Surprisingly, looking at the video, we see Kemen looking at the cameras and housemates before “pulling the Duvet”. We  begin to wonder whether someone pulling the duvet would first have to look at the cameras and checking whether other housemates are sleeping.

Kemen further stretches that Tboss will tell the truth when there’s no 25 million

Let’s break down the full interview here:

He started off saying everything was misunderstood and only himself and Tboss knows the truth.

I got myself entangled in a situation that was misunderstood. The honest truth about what happened under the covers, let’s not forget that the video was focused on a certain movement under the cover. The honest truth of what happened under the covers lies between two people, me and Tboss, and i only hope that whenever she is out of the house where there is no N25 million at stake, i hope she will be able to embrace the truth about the reality surrounding the video.“But let me also state that I and Tboss had a cordial relationship. Tboss is a young woman i really like a respected a lot, and she knew i respected her. I respected her because she deserved to be respected by me, and just like i will respect every other woman, i will never put Tboss or any other woman in arms way

He then went on to give details about what happened:

“I saw the video, when big brother showed me the video in the diary room i was like, ‘aargh, noo, this is not what it looks like’ cos the perception was clear. But for the housemates that has been in the house, we know that there are two windows from where the beds are, Left and the right. We don’t have a watch or clock to check the time, so for you to wake up, you have to look left and right to see if it’s bright so you know whether you have about 5 mins to sleep before the lights comes on, or the alarm. If it’s not bright, then you have like 30 more minutes to sleep. An if you’ve watched the show you know that i am one of the few people that wake up very early and help to wake the other housemates up. So it came into my subconscious to look left and right after i wake up, and on that day it wasn’t bright enough for me to wake up, so i had to go back to bed.



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