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101 ways to start a conversation with anyone and get that person falling for you – This will really help you!

Conversation Starters at the Gym

People serious about working out (yes, the hot ones) don’t like to talk at the gym. You may want to precede all the following gym conversation starters with, “I’ll quickly let you get back to working out, but…” Use the following openers to keep your chat short, leaving your conversation partner feeling respected:

  1. “You look like you know what you’re doing. What’s a good exercise to target my lower abs?”
  2. “Can you spot me?”
  3. “How’s your workout going?” This is good to ask at the watercooler or when both of you are resting between sets.
  4. “Can you check my form for this set and give me any feedback?”
  5. If you’re female, ask a guy for help moving heavy weights. Let him catch your eye on his arms. He’ll love it. Every gym-going guy wants to flaunt his strength to women. Call it ego, but I opt for a primal endeavor to create attraction by displaying one’s fitness for survival.



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