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10 male celebs who snagged women way hotter than they are (With Pictures)


Celebs who snagged women way hotter than they are – Hollywood is filled with gorgeous celebrities – men with washboard abs and chiselled cheekbones, women with flowing hair and perfect hourglass figures.


Often celebrity couples are almost unbelievably beautiful together, nearly stunning photographers on the red carpet. And then, there are a few men who seem to have scored way outside of their hotness level. You know the ones we’re talking about – you see them with their girlfriend or spouse and find yourself asking “they’re with her?” Hey – anything goes in Hollywood!

To be fair, attraction is a subjective thing – an individual who one person finds absolutely gorgeous can be thought totally average by another. And who you end up dating, or even marrying, has to do with more than just physical attraction – you have to also be attracted to your partner’s personality, his or her sense of humour, values, and more. However, when the couples on this list show up on the red carpet together, the women are obviously more classically gorgeous than their partners are classically handsome. Take note, average men, and take some inspiration – if you’re talented and funny, you too could score a drop-dead gorgeous model or actress for a wife. Maybe. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

10. Mickey Rourke and Anastassija Makarenko


Mickey Rourke’s looks have been in the public eye for the past several years, and not for a good reason – while handsome in his earlier years, a series of botched plastic surgeries had definitely compromised his looks. However, through it all, he’s managed to keep a model by his side – Anastassija Makarenko. Makarenko and Rourke have been dating for about five years, and despite the plastic surgeries and the fact that he’s much older than she is, the Russian beauty has remained with the actor. The heart wants what the heart wants, right? They’ve been dating for quite awhile, but haven’t yet tied the knot – surprising, since you’d think Rourke would want to lock her down. Goodness knows he’ll probably never score anyone hotter.

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