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The 10 most hated athletes of all time – See what they did (+Pics)

The 10 Most Hated Athletes Of All Time

Most hated athletes: It’s no secret that people love sports. We devote countless hours and spend too much hard-earned money to show that we’re their biggest fans. But there is a darker side as well, the side that loves to hate. I’m not referring the usual rivals like Red Sox fans hating the Yankees or Raiders fans hating Peyton Manning because he plays for the Broncos. There are deeper hatreds that sometimes transcends sport. The reasons are often well founded, but other times not so much.


Like all professions, the ranks of the athletic world has its share of world-class a**holes who have committed heinous crimes. Others badmouth their teammates or ridicule fans, but sometimes the source of the animosity is less obvious. Some athletes are hated for who they are or at least who they are perceived to be off the field. Rich and famous people can be easy targets for jealous fans and people in the media who think pampered athletes don’t appreciate how good they have it.

10. Tom Brady



He’s been to the Super Bowl six times, has four Super Bowl rings, matinee star good looks and is married to a super model so of course everyone has to hate “Tom Terrific.” Jealousy is an ugly thing, but it’s human nature to feel that way about someone who seems to have it all. Fans of opposing teams have made a big deal out of so-called Deflategate, branding him a liar and a cheater. The NFL suspended number twelve for four games without proof he did anything wrong. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision confirmed for many that Brady must be guilty. A judge later lifted the suspension so the haters will be able to root against Brady and the New England Patriots for the entire 2015 season.



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