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10 Celebrities who slept with their employees (With Pictures)


Celebrities who slept with their employees – Celebrity relationships are often fleeting lasting less time than it takes to pick out a new outfit for Friday night’s date. However, some celebrity relationships are not only lasting, but seemingly romantic and full of love and respect.


The general public often gets invested in these fairy tale-like relationships, feeling as if we almost know them and we most certainly wish we could have a loving relationship just as fantastic. Often times we idolize these couples, striving to be just like them and racing to find our very own perfect partner.

But fairy tales are just that – fairy tales. Inevitably celebrity relationships fall apart just like many of ours. Sometimes the break-ups are quick and respectful. The dirty laundry is kept quietly packed away as the couple splits to redefine and rebuild their lives without each other. However, sometimes the splits are so dramatic that it becomes national news with Tweets flying around the nation at lightening speed and the dirty laundry posted all over every magazine cover and splashed across the internet worldwide. Some of the most shocking breakups of our favorite celebrity couples occur because one partner cheated on the other with an employee! Yep, that’s right, they slept with the help. Here’s some of the most memorable celebrities who found themselves in hot water (and perhaps with divorce papers) after having an affair with their employee.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger not only slept with his employee, but he had a love child with her. Talk about overachieving! The former California Governor carried on an illicit affair with Patricia Baena, the family’s twenty year nanny, housekeeper and assistant. He kept his love child, a son, (ironically born just one week apart from his son with his wife Maria Shriver) a secret for more than a decade. When the news of a secret affair and hidden child broke, Arnold’s 25 year marriage to Maria was shattered beyond repair and naturally, they divorced.

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