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10 “Straight” celebs who tease their gay fans (With Pictures)


“Straight” celebs who tease their gay fans – A few days ago, we discussed whether or not it was ethical to out gay celebrities. We came to the conclusion that yes, it was ethical, because a celebrity, in becoming a celebrity, forsakes his or her right to personal life. Being outed is an occupational hazard. If celebrities can be clever enough to keep their preferences secret, good for them.


If they’re sloppy and they get busted, that’s something that we as consumers have a right to find out about.

But what about when celebrities flip the equation and use consumers’ sexuality against them? These are stars who, even though they’re “straight” in real life, play “gay” in magazines, television, and film. They never saythat they’re gay – that’d be career suicide for big sex symbols like the guys on this list – but they capitalize on the extreme gay-friendliness of today’s culture (think of One Direction’s constant patting and grabbing) to get “pink” dollars.

Some people think this is unkosher. According to them, gay stories are so mocked and marginalized in larger society that alluding to them is akin to dangling a medium-rare steak before an emaciated dog.

But we think it’s not the worst thing in the world. Gay people know what they’re up against. Oftentimes, seeing Nick Jonas is his underwear is just more interesting than political correctness.

If you’re curious, carry on, and see which 10 men are gay for pay, tantalizing their gay fans so they’ll hand over their precious money.

10. James Franco


At the top of the list is A-lister James Franco. The gay moments of his career are innumerable, but always anchored in the fact that he’s straight (remember when he sent weird texts to that underage girl in Scotland?)

His obvious heterosexuality hasn’t stopped him from going gay over and over again. He was Sean Penn’s younger piece in Milk. He was in the “Bound 2” parody, “Bound 3.” He made a movie called Interior. Leather Bar. soaked with lube and man sweat that was meant as forty minutes of deleted footage from the 1980s gay film Cruising.

The whole time, of course, James Franco’s impish good-looks make him a gay sex symbol in and of themselves. He just plays very overtly to his preexisting fanbase to reinforce his status.

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