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15 disturbing things hotels don’t want you to know – Everyone needs to see this now!

10. Suicides

If you are traveling to Las Vegas, you need to take special caution. A little known fact hotels in Sin City will never tell you is that it’s called the suicide capital of America. According to coroner’s’ records going back to October 1998, a guest in a hotel commits suicide in the nation’s gambling capital about once a month. “They pick Las Vegas and kill themselves,” former Clark County Coroner Ron Flud told CBS News. “It’s a fact.”

No one really knows why Vegas is the place people choose to commit suicide more often, but it’s flowing with booze, drugs, and money. Every one of these things can drive a person mad and coerce him/her into making that impulsive final decision. The resort with the fewest suicides? Disney World.



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    I tot he was going to say each room is bugged wit a hidden camera…..

    1. ceelah says

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  8. Enaz Creativity Decor says

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  9. yin says

    Exactly! I tot he’ll say the rooms are bugged or something scary happens @ nite or they send robbers to ur room ovanite. Crap

    1. santy says

      Am curious thinking they wants to make any meaningful points but just a waste of mb. Dumb ass

  10. mess says

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