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12 Celebs you want at your bachelor party (With Pictures)

Celebs you want at your bachelor party – Ah, the bachelor party – a night of debauchery and bro-filled fun that every man looks forward to in the days leading up to his wedding. I mean, there’s a reason why the bachelor party is the focus of so many comedies.For better, or for worse, the possibilities of hijinx are endless.


Whether you’re just hitting up the bars in your small town, travelling to the nearest big city for a night of craziness, or going all out and hitting up Las Vegas, it’s guaranteed to be a memorable night.

Most guys have a close group of friends that they’ll invite to their bachelor party when the day comes, but who’s in your dream list? Sure, you may not be close friends with any celebrities, but there are stories of celebrities crashing parties all the time – why not your bachelor party? Thanks to their stacks of cash and proximity to over-the-top parties, most celebrities definitely know how to cut loose and have some fun every now and then. Whether you’re looking to have a few beers and play some poker, hit the hottest club for some fist-pumping and shots, or score court side seats so you can watch your favourite team play, the possibilities for a dream bachelor party are endless. So why not invite a few celebrities?

Whatever you decide to do, here are 12 celebrities you’d definitely want at your bachelor party.

12. Chris Pratt


Some celebrities are on the must-invite list to a dream bachelor party because they have a way with the ladies and are guaranteed to bring a crew of gorgeous women. Chris Prattmakes the list because he just seems like a fun guy, plain and simple. He would make sure that everyone had a great time, and at some point during the night, he’d pull you aside and give you a few marriage tips – after all, his marriage to actress Anna Faris is one of the most adorable unions in Hollywood. Plus, you never know – if you asked nicely, he might even let you try on his Starlord costume from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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