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20 Celebs with shockingly dark secrets – You’ll be surprised to see this! (With Pictures)

19. Mark Wahlberg – Beat And Blinded A Man

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Mark Wahlberg is a tremendous actor, but that does not mean he has a tremendous past. In 1986, when Walhberg was only 14, he was under police investigation after he threw rocks and yelled racial slurs at a group of schoolchildren. Walhberg allegedly stated, “We don’t like black ******* in this neighborhood, so get the f*** away from the area.” When Wahlberg saw the black individual the next day, he proceeded to throw rocks at them again.

That doesn’t even come close to the time he attacked two Vietnamese men. When he was 16 and walking around, carrying a five-foot stick (because that’s normal), he approached a man, Thanh Lam. He proceeded to call Lam a “Vietnam f***ing shit” and then beat him with the stick. When Walhberg was later approached by police officers he exclaimed, “You don’t have to let him identify me. I’ll tell you now that’s the motherf***er who’s head I split open.”

To make matters worse, when Walhberg was running from cops because of his assault, he ran into another Vietnamese man, who refused to help Walhberg hide. Marky Mark wasn’t too happy about that so he punched the man in the face. The punch ended up permanently blinding the man in one eye.

18. Fran Drescher – Was Abused At Gunpoint And Battled Cancer

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Fran Drescher has had to deal with multiple tragedies, but nothing may be worse than what happened in January of 1985. Drescher was at home with her husband and their friend when two armed robbers entered the apartment. Drescher and her female friend were then raped while at gunpoint. While her husband Jacobson was not raped, he was physically beaten and then tied up and forced to watch the entire ordeal.

Drescher is also a survivor of uterine cancer, and her movement ‘Cancer Schmancer’ has done wonders in helping raise awareness and support for those who are suffering from cancer.



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