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The 6 most sensitive part on a woman’s body..


Most sensitive part on a woman’s body – A woman’s body as sensual as it is, has some exclusive spots a man could hit on. Women enjoy the stimulation of this spots during foreplay or [email protected]:’. Reaching an [email protected]$m isn’t limited to penile penetration alone, a woman’s body could be touched and fondled in so many ways she would reach an [email protected]$m before the main act.


These spots are called erogenous zones and a woman is bound to experience some sort of sensation when it is being reached before or during intercourse. Remember that being able to pleasure a woman is about knowing your onions when it comes to the woman body and your [email protected]:’ual skills.

Find below some of the [email protected]$ms women have and where is their soft spots:

1. Nipple

Most women get extremely turned on when their breasts are being fondled. Sucking the already tout n!ppIIes of an aroused woman would not only take her to cloud nine, it would leave her rocking there. Some women hit [email protected]$m when their n!ppIIes are stimulated and touched.

Stimulation of the n!ppIIes cause an arousal of the clitoris and genital areas. You may want to slow down on the penetration aspect; touch your woman here and watch her face contort into seamless expressions.

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