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The 15 most successful celebrity entrepreneur in Hollywood – See how filthy rich they are! (With Pictures)

4. Paul Newman

After Paul Newman retired from the entertainment business, he founded what would eventually become a nationally acclaimed food brand that he simply named Newman’s Own. He decided to start off small and just focus on salad dressing, but the expansion that it has gone through now allows it to include everything from frozen pizzas and pasta sauces to its own line of organic produce and, of course, its popular salad dressing was here to stay, too. But, that’s not the most impressive aspect of the corporation that has been around for over 30 years. Newman’s Own is one of the few companies out there that donate 100% of the money that they make after taxes to a charity founded by Newman called the Newman’s Own Foundation. This may sound a little egotistical but when you consider that all of the money that is donated, which has amounted to over $430 million over the years, it’s hard to keep that negative preconception for very long.



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