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LADIES: Never have period s*x, until you’ve read these 6 things… Very important!

4. There are easy ways to reduce blood flow.

If you’re squeamish about having sex while you’re bleeding, there are several options for minimizing the flow. One possibility, suggests Streicher, is to put in a tampon before you have sex to soak up some of the blood. But, depending on how heavy your period is, removing the tampon before having sex could result in the drying out of vaginal tissue (and painful sex). She recommends having a lubricant handy, even if you don’t ordinarily use one.

And while it may seem obvious, you definitely want to remember to remove the tampon before intercourse. Forgetting to do so could up your risk for infection, says Hechtman. Toxic shock syndrome is the most serious risk, she says, but a foul-smelling vaginal discharge could also result.

Hechtman recommends using a female condom, menstrual cup, or diaphragm as a safe way to inhibit the blood flow during sex.



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