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From Rich To Penniless: 12 celebs who have gone broke in the last 10 years… You’ll be surprised! (With Pictures)

6. Brendan Fraser


A guy with an unforgettable smile and charisma, a guy with great looks and acting skills, Brendan Fraserhad it all. Even though his career went a bit downhill recently (appearing only in low-class films), Brendan is still a household name and has a staggering resume in Hollywood. It would be nonsense to believe that he filed for bankruptcy in any way, wouldn’t it? It turns out that it won’t.

Fraser has a lot of alimony and child support to pay for each month (a whopping sum of $75K – wow, some people earn that much in a year). Fraser pleaded for poverty in court because he sustained a devastating back injury, which prevents him from working enough. So, he’s using the poverty ticket to get out of the ultra-high alimony bills he receives every month.


5. Lindsay Lohan

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It doesn’t feel good to see a pretty face lose everything, but Lindsay Lohan had to pay the price of partying like a maniac for years. It looks like when you’re earning a lot of money by acting in movies, you don’t want to pay taxes and spend it all on cheap thrills, just like we mentioned in our intro. Lindsay is the perfect example of this. Her decadent lifestyle (with drugs and alcohol abuse) led to several health problems, several rehab sessions, and it definitely took its toll on Lindsay’s looks and career.

2012 was the year when the IRS took control of her funds so her debts could be paid. The debt amount was around $200K, and it turns out that it was just a small chunk of her liabilities. In 2013, Lohan had the chance to be sponsored by Oprah to make a series of interviews for her show, and that brought $2 million to her bank account. Unfortunately for her, the accumulated debt with interests grew to over $1.5 million.



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