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13 WWE Superstars you didn’t know are very close friends with Kane… You’ll be surprised! (With Pictures)


Friends with Kane – Although he made brief appearances for the company as Fake Diesel, Dr. Isaac Yankem, and Mike Unabomb, Glenn Jacobs has portrayed the character of Kane for the majority of his WWE career. Kane, as anybody familiar with the past two decades of WWE programming knows, is a psychotic pyromaniac, never far from anger or some diabolical deed.


He is the illegitimate son of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer and the half-brother of The Undertaker, who was responsible for a fire which tore through the family home when they were children, leaving Kane horribly disfigured. Writing it all down, it’s obvious that Kane’s is a pretty messed up story and one that would never fly in modern day WWE.

Of course, the Kane character is fictional and completely removed from who Glenn Jacobs is as a person. In reality, Jacobs is a proud family man and the father of two grown daughters with Crystal, his wife of over 20 years. He is famously passionate about politics and is rumored to be considering a run for the Knox County mayoral seat in 2018, most likely as a Republican.

He is, according to dozens of wrestlers who have worked with him in the past, one of the nicest men in the business. In his time with WWE, he has amassed a collection of loyal friends both in the back and in the office. He has been a teacher to some of the younger guys on the roster and a shoulder for his contemporaries to cry on. If, as the saying goes, no man is an island as long as he has some friends, Glenn Jacobs is landlocked.

Here are 13 WWE superstars you didn’t know were Kane’s close friends.

13. Dolph Ziggler

Via craveonline and whatculture

Had Dolph Ziggler lost his match to The Miz at SmackDown’s recent No Mercy pay-per-view, his likely would have been another emotional retirement speech in which the person saying goodbye thanks Kane for everything he has done for them.

The Big Red Machine and The Showoff have forged an unlikely friendship over the years, one which had a chance to develop further earlier this year when the two were cast in the WWE Studios production Countdown.

Like most movies from WWE Studios, Countdown is a heinous piece of work which undoes a century of moving picture evolution, but it seems Kane and Ziggler managed to have some fun while filming it. Kane has gleefully recalled filming a scene in which his character attempts to shoot Ziggler in the groin.

Ziggler, like Kane, has an interest in politics and has spoken about the possibility of pursuing a career in government following his retirement from professional wrestling. The co-stars likely had some lively political debates between scenes.




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