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13 Historical photos that will strike fear through your heart

7. Nazi Germany


With the swastika in the background and thousands upon thousands of loyal soldiers at attention for Adolf Hitler, this photo should very much strike fear in the hearts of anyone and everyone. The people in this photo are the same people who carried out the worst genocide in human history, and who, if things had gone their way, would have mass-murdered millions more to achieve their sickening goal of eliminating every Jew in what they called a “mass cleansing” of the world.

That there are this many men who would either blindly follow Hitler without question, not stand up to him out of fear, or genuinely believed in what they were doing is the first horrifying part of this photograph. The other is knowing that, as humans, we do not always learn from our mistakes, and history does repeat itself. This image would only invoke feelings of sadness and anger if it were not possible that it could ever happen again. But since it invokes sadness, anger, and fear, we need to be careful.



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