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The 20 most convincing photos of ghosts ever taken – #9 will give you the creeps (See Photos)

16. Get Your Hands Off Me!

One of the more recent strange shots came from The Philippines. Not much is known about this photo, but it is very creepy. The story is that two girls were walking down the street when they asked a stranger to take a picture of them. After looking at the photo, it appeared that the two girls weren’t alone. In the picture, a transparent figure is gripping onto the arm of one of the girls. This is certainly one of the best ghost photos available. However, the origins of the photo aren’t really known and it hasn’t been truly examined to determine if it is real or not.

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15. A Pink Lady is Caught on Camera

In Indiana, a man by the name of Guy Winters, accompanied by a friend, set out to investigate the O’Hare Mansion. The duo decided to check out the mansion because friends had alerted them of some odd occurrences at that location. While there, Winters snapped pictures, and later saw that there was something disturbing that could be seen in the upstairs windows. A pink apparition with a skull-like face showed up in multiple photos. He claims that he did not see anything in the windows at the time that the photos were taken, and he also reports that there were other paranormal activities that night.

14. An Electric Chair Gets Even Scarier

An electric chair is pretty intimidating on its own, but it’s a real nightmare when there might be a ghost sitting in it. In Tennessee, a man named Fred Leuchter was hired by the state to modify and modernize an electric chair. The engineer took the chair home and snapped a few photos before beginning his work. When looking at the photos later, there were a few disturbing things that caught his eye. Orbs that could represent spirits were seen, a blurry face sits against the back of a chair, and a limp, dangling, and transparent hand is seen where a dead man’s hand would lay if he was sitting in the chair.



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