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12 of the oldest spinsters in Nollywood reveal why they haven’t married, GENEVIEVE’s reason is quite funny

3) BIMBO AKINTOLA – I Can’t Be Forced Into Marriage; I Don’t Need a Husband

43 year old Bimbo Akintola has always retreated that she is not looking for a husband and cannot be forced into marriage because of societal pressure.

So,what is the worst rumour you’ve heard about yourself?

Oh, that I’m looking for a husband, that I’m desperate for a husband. That’s the worst I’ve heard and that’s the latest one. I’m not looking for a husband and I don’t need one.

You don’t need one?

I don’t need anything. I’m a complete person. I only do things that make me happy, because I believe and I understand the reality that this is just one life and you should live it to the maximum, happiness and peace should be the key. I’m not searching for a husband, because the rumour that I’m searching for a husband has given me wahala,- all kinds of people from left, right and centre, looking for me saying they want to marry me. Please, I’m using this opportunity to tell everybody, I am not looking for a husband!

4) ADA AMEH – I Will Get Married Some Day

40 year old plus sized actress, Adah Ameh who had a baby at age 14 out of wedlock is yet to tie the knot.

The actress talked about her single status last year to Punch. Excerpt:

Has your marital status changed now?

Ada Ameh is still very much single. I believe I will get married some day. I don’t know when, but I will be married.

How come you are not married yet?

Am I ugly? I am beautiful. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. When the time for marriage comes, it will happen

Could it be your size that has delayed your marriage?

No way! I am like Mount Zion, I can never be shaken. Some men love them big. If you throw your left arm, you will touch flesh, you throw the other arm, you will touch flesh. The impression that actresses hardly get married or stay in marriages is wrong.

We are human beings like every other person in any other profession. This is what we do for a living. You wouldn’t say a banker is not good for marriage since her profession requires her coming home late. Some people are late starters while some others are early starters. Maybe you will qualify me as late starter in marriage. The most important thing is that I will get married some day.



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