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The day I met her, I told her we should get married that same day, she agreed – Chinedu Ikedieze, Aki

Star actor and Paw-paw’s twin (like many call him), Chinedu Ikedieze in an interview with Sun Newspaper, revealed one or two details about his personal life, how he met and fell in love with his wife, his child amongst others. The actor, Aki, whilst speaking about how he approached his wife, insinuated that the very first they he met her (for the first time), he asked her to marry him. Wow!

In his own words;

“I met her just the way every other man meets his wife. I made the first move ..I just told her baby, let’s do this and the rest is history.”

He spoke about growing up;

Let me tell you something about my birth. My mum put to bed at exactly 12 am on the dot the day I was born; as soon as it was 12 am, I popped out! One peculiar thing about my mum is that she goes to the labour room with her wristwatch and once she gives birth, she records the time.”

He also spoke about, best friend, Osita Iheme;

I started acting in 1998. He came into the industry three years later in 2001. I was in school then and we had a job so he had this opportunity to shoot in Enugu. He had just started acting then. We met in the hotel lobby where we were lodged. We talked and I discovered he was a very shy fellow. Before then, Amayo Uzor had been telling me that ‘Chinedu, just hang on, there is boy I have seen that looks just like you and guess what, he is in the industry and I am working on a script for the both of you.’ After our meeting, they called us and gave us scripts; that was the first time I did pure comedy. The movie was entitled Aki Na Ukwa

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