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What the heck just happened to Paris Hilton’s body (See Photos)

Oh, see — now, no. The photo on the left is a photo that Paris Hilton is trying to pass off as unretouched, and if it is, we’ll eat our figurative hats. The photo on the right was taken earlier this year, and there isn’t much difference between the two pics … save for the extraordinarily, almost unnaturally tiny waist in the pic on the left. If Paris is Photoshopping her own Instagram photos, we’re all doomed, guys. Doomed. 


Paris Hilton 411vibes

See, there are lots of young women who look up to Paris Hilton, whether it be in an entrepreneurial aspect, or a musical aspect, or hey, even an heiress aspect. Everybody has role models for different reasons, and even if these celebrities aren’t signing up all willy-nilly to be some little girl or boy’s hero, they are setting a precedent that certain behaviors are OK — or at least tolerable — when they’re not. 

Paris, if you did Photoshop this picture, come on … you know better. You’re perfectly flawless just the way you are, and if you’re not happy with yourself, who could ever hope to be? If you didn’t … then still — think about the message you’re inadvertently sending to young fans who just wanna be like Paris, OK? 


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  1. Vera says

    lol, it's calle a shoot!! re touching is needed

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