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Breaking: Obasanjo endorses Buhari for president, says Buhari is anti-corrupt (Details)

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has cleared the presidential candidate of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari of any wrong doing when he was Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). When Abacha died accusations were made, especially against some of the consultants employed by Buhari. Then, Obasanjo himself set up a committee to investigate the activities of the fund.
Not not much was heard about its outcome. Here’s what Obasanjo said while receiving Buhari on Tuesday: “I haven’t said this publicly, I would say it publicly now. When we looked into it [PTF], there was really nothing amiss except that that organisation went from road building to mosquito net buying and all sorts of things.
And what the investigation discovered is a bit of inconsistency in prices and all that. In one area, mosquito net might have been given for N50; in another, N45. And then… that this is fishy. We should look into it. 
“And I called my brother and colleague [Buhari]; I said this and he said look, we are managing billions of Naira and I tried to make sure I see everything. But I will not say that what they have said about this is correct or not correct. But I can assure you I tried to see everything. I said okay, Muhammadu, between me, you and God, was there any personal benefit for you? And you said no. I said that is the end of the matter. 
“Although there was that investigation, its report was not of any material importance.
I thought that I should say it today that I have this opportunity because I hope people will face issues rather than trivialities. On occasion like this, issues are very important.”
Obasanjo said he appreciated Buhari’s mention of three key areas – economy, security and corruption, but added that “it would be significant to add infrastructure. It’s very important. You may take it as part of economy but I will take infrastructure as special and give it special attention. 
“Having said that, I will also say that while a party must be microcosm of a nation – and in a nation you will have near saints, devils, rapists, armed robbers and a good party must have all this in them. But what matters is that when that party has to go into government, it must look for men and women of character. And we have them in all parties, we have them throughout the nooks and crannies of this country. Again I wish you well as you go around. I thank you for this visit. I cannot end without reminding you, even though I saw some old faces, but some of us will remain firm at least at the ward level where I am very active in my party.”
We want your support
Buhari who spoke earlier solicited the support of Obasanjo for his presidential ambition, recalling that he had served under him for three and a quarter years before he was sent on course.
“When I set about the programme of going round the states, it was decided that we should be taking two states per day. I think we have so far succeeded in doing the South-South and the South East. Whether we can maintain that success I don’t know. But somebody has the temerity to ask me that when I come, shall I call on Chief Olusegun Obasanjo? I don’t think I answered the man, I just looked the other side. I think that I should not come here in whatever capacity without calling to pay my respect.
“Sir, it’s a fact that you know more than all we know about the problem that we are in. But what we’ll do is try to convince you to believe us that we are going to do better. We expect your understanding and support, although you insist on remaining in PDP. I have reached a certain degree of frustration in my attempt to try to shift you a bit but you have refused.
“We are not going to be inflexible the way some people accused us of doing it. We are going to be dynamic as we go along and that’s why I said we are here to seek for your understanding, for your support, in spite of the political card you hold.”
Buhari also visited the four paramount rulers in the state before attending his campaign at the stadium.


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