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The suitable jeans for females with big thighs and pear shaped body [+Photos]

Jeans is considered to be one of the most convenient forms of dresses, these days. Be it men or women, everyone prefer to put on jeans. It is an ideal outfit and can be worn for work and outing as well.


The suitable jeans for females with big thighs and pear shaped body [+Photos]

Jeans flatters well on individuals with sleek legs, but it does not mean that women with big thigh cannot wear them. They can wear it in the same styles as others do, however they need to take care of few things.

Designers suggest specific jeans for pear-shaped females, who have large thighs and a wide hip with slender waist. Read onto to know the type of jeans these women can wear to hide the parts, which are less perfect.

Suitable Jeans for Females

Lower waist band jeans

When you wear jeans with high waist, your thighs and waist appear to be more bulky. It might make you look weird and no attractive. Designers suggest such females can try out jeans with low waist. When you wear jeans with low waist, your thighs appear to be thinner as compared to the original one.

Junior cut jeans

Boot cut jeans

If you want to draw attention away from your big thighs, put on boot cut jeans. These jeans are wider from their knee and as it goes down and the big thighs will not be displayed well. On the contrary, tapered jeans are narrow from knee to down, which exposes your thighs and hips.

Therefore, put on boot cut jeans, which makes you look slim and tall. Boot cut jeans with thin piping with 2 two sides seems to be very attractive to girls. You can pair these piping jeans with a sexy top to enhance your beauty.

Dark Denim

Dark Denim

It has been proved that fat people can always wear dark colored outfits, as it will make them look thin. Thus it is recommended to wear big thigh jeans that are available in dark color. Such jeans are good enough to make you look slim, and hide your less perfect areas of your body.

To make these jeans more effective, you can pair it with a bright colored top and scarf. Dark colored Duck and Cover Tees will help you attract the attention of others to your top, rather than on lower half of your body.

Genevieve Nnaji Lower waist band jeans

Junior cut jeans

These pairs of jeans are quite similar to low waist jeans, which have loose fitting. They are well suited to females of all shapes. While shopping for these jeans, you should try in once. They should view their full length in mirror from different angles to check the fitting of the jeans. Buy the jeans only if you are convinced with the fitting.

Apart from the above mentioned cuts, there are designer jeans, which are especially tailored for plus sized women with big thigh. You can ask for these designer jeans at stores. They are also available in the same price range like other jeans.

You can also get some tips from internet sources such as fashion blogs where lots of tips related to clothing and fashion accessories for big thigh women, are available. It is the easiest and fastest way of choosing a right pair jeans for you.

Author’s Bio: Richard is a newspaper columnist and he also writes blog posts on various topic related to shopping hottest fashion clothing online. You could check out the Duck and Cover Tees by visiting their website.

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