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7 drinks you need to stop drinking now before they kill you!

#3 Flavored waters


Flavored waters often try to lure you in with the claim that they contain added vitamins and other nutrients, but don’t be fooled by the bold statements on their labels.

Even those that deliver on the promise to provide you with vitamins may be doing your body more harm than good due to excessive amounts of added sugars.

For example, the Tropical Mango Antioxidant Water made by Snapple contains 150 calories (which is a preposterous amount of calories for any type of water), and gives many sodas a run for its money thanks to its 30g of added sugar.

In some cases, the vitamins in flavored waters are also fat-soluble; given that the water itself is fat free, it is therefore contentious whether your body can absorb a significant amount of vitamins like A and E.

If you are tempted by a bottle of flavored water, always check the label before choosing to make a purchase. Nine times out of ten, the sugar content will mean that you would be better off drinking plain water (or even a small portion of freshly squeezed fruit juice) and ensuring that you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in other ways



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