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10 things the US government are hiding from you – You really need to see this!

Things the US government are hiding – When it comes to governance, especially in the case of a democratic government, the voters get to choose trusted leaders to deal with all the affairs involved in running the country.



This means that the population entrusts the country to a few people, who are supposed to be accountable to them, responsible in all their actions, innovative in problem solving and selfless when it comes to executing their duties in office. During the campaign period, the leaders in question always promise the voters heaven on earth, only for them to get to office and fall short on all their promises. This is the situation in all parts of the world, and it begs the question “what changes in an individual when he or she ascends to power?”

One thing that Americans hate is the fact that almost every government that comes to power engages in activities that the citizens would not approve of, which is the reason why the governments end up having so many secrets. Some of the secrets are necessary, especially if the whole country would sink into panic and anxiety if some of the information they have would get leaked to the masses. However, most of the secrets that many governments hide from their people include crimes that the government has committed against its people, misuse of government resources for personal gain, violation of human rights, lies that the government tells its people, and many other embarrassing things.

Below are some things that the United States government does not want you to know, though many people have a feeling that these things are already happening. Here is the confirmation of what is really going on:

10. Your Internet Searches and Text Communication are Under Surveillance

Almost all Americans have heard rumours that the government is listening in on their private phone conversations, which is a violation of the people’s privacy. However, there is enough evidence that the government is also tracking your Internet activity as well as intercepting your text messages. This means that there is no such thing as privacy, but the government does not want you to know that. The people spying on the American citizens will try and justify their actions by terming their ‘tuning into your life’ as a security measure. So do their actions nullify the Fourth Amendment, or does the constitution only apply to some people and not to others?

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