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15 cheap cars that will make you look and feel rich (With Pictures)

Cheap cars that will make you look and feel rich – Cars, along with real estate, are the premier status symbols. Roll up in a flashy ride and everyone will take a second look and have a second thought concerning your financial worth.


Indirectly, these assumptions of riches change how people value you. However, this is not the place for advanced analysis of societal perceptions of material wealth that coincide personal perceptions. Turn to Psychology Today for that.

If you want to portray yourself as well off, but do not have the sufficient bank roll, these cars will give you the appearance of affluence at a discount rate well under $20,000. All that you want is the illusion, the façade of having it all, when you know that it is all a dream. The closest things to making that dream a reality are these vehicles. Though they are not the latest and greatest of their kind, everyone will think that you can comfortably pick up the tab.

15. 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Coupe <$10,000


2003 signaled a return to classic styling for the Mustang. In the ‘90s, they were a Mustang in name and grill icon only. This Mustang is the real deal not only in looks, but the power plant under the hood throws down a hefty amount of force. With the same 4.6L DOHC V-8 used in the SVT Cobra model (minus the supercharger), the Mach 1 produces 305 horsepower and sprints from 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds lending even more credibility to this brand’s resurgence.

From a body standpoint, the Mustang has a snarl to it that only was improved upon in later editions. For what it’s worth in terms of muscle car appeal, the 2003 Mustang exceeds that in its value to your imaginary worth. If you don’t have the disposable income for a Shelby, the ’03 Mustang will suffice as a worthy addition to your stable.

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