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The 20 sexiest sports cars of all time – See which is number 1 (With Pictures)

11. 1955-57 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

shutterstock_Mercedes-Benz 300SL

With a 220hp 3.0L inline-6 engine, this was, at one time, the fastest production car on the planet. What makes the 300 SL so distinct are its gullwing doors which were added out of necessity and not just for looks. The 300 SL was developed from a race car Mercedes had built in the early 1950s. In order to make the frame as strong as possible and protect the driver, traditional doors wouldn’t work so they opted for the gullwing configuration. In developing the race car into the street legal 300 SL, the gullwing doors were kept and became an iconic part of a very important car in Mercedes’ history.

10. 1992-98 McLaren F1

shutterstock_McLaren F1

Sticking with the topic of unconventional doors and records for fastest production cars we find ourselves looking at the McLaren F1. This car was the result of the desire to produce the ultimate street car which contained significant technology and designs found in McLaren’s Formula 1 cars. On the outside, this car has the design and lines you’d expect from a high-end manufacturer – especially one with an F1 heritage. Inside, the driver sits in the middle with a passenger on each side. Adding that extra little bit of sex appeal, surrounding the rear-mounted engine is gold foil which acts as a heat shield to protect the car from the temperatures coming from the 6.1L BMW V12 engine.



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