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10 most evil mothers in the world – you will be shocked to see how they killed their kids brutally! (With Pictures)

3. Stacie Marie Parsons, Texas

Mothers Who Killed Their Kids
Parsons. a 25 year old mother, confessed of her crime as she walked into a police station. Her husband had found the 4 year old girl in the trunk of her car and he had attempted to revive her but her condition was critical and foam was flowing out of the mouth. The daughter’s head had been bashed horribly and she eventually died of severe trauma to the head and chest. Could a mother be jealous of her daughter to this extent? The father claimed that the motive behind this act was prolonged jealousy but for a crime as heinous as this one; one does not even feel like discussing motives. The only thing that we have in sight is a four year old girl who has been battered to death by no one else but the lady who kept her inside for 9 months and then bore her with so much pain. Alas! All in vain.



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