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Shocking facts you didn’t know about the clitoris


Shocking facts you didn’t know about the clitoris – Are you familiar with your lady’s undercarriage? In particular, we are talking about the clitoris (clit).It can be your golden ticket to helping your woman get off like she (or you) have never thought possible before.


Here, we will look at some strange facts about this body part, talk about what it actually is, the best ways to stimulate it and many more.

So, What Is It?

The female clit is the most powerful sexual organ in women when it comes to arousal and orgasm. It is located just above the outer labia of her vagina.

Usually, it appears as a nub or bump in that area, and can be larger or smaller depending upon each lady. Every girl has one that is a little different.

But, knowing the area is very important if you want to please your girl, every time. Despite the fact that just only a little bit of it is visible, most of it is actually under the skin, and connected to very powerful nerves.

4 Shocking Facts You Probably Do Not Know

There are lots of surprising facts about the clitoris. For example:

  1. Not stopping – The human clit gets larger as women age. It never quits growing!
  2. Nerve hub – It is home to more nerve endings than any other part of female body.
  3. Erection – It is the only organ in ladies that is created purely for sexual pleasure, and nothing else. Not only that, but when it becomes aroused, just like a penis, it becomes erect.

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