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The 10 most influential nude scenes in movie history – #1 is a must see! (With Pictures)

9. The Tall Guy


This is a reasonably amusing British comedy starring Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson circa 1989. In the years since The Tall Guy, Thompson has become one of the preeminent actors of her generation, known for her award-winning portrayals of women in adapted literary classics.

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It seems jarring, perhaps, to think that a great artist would feel compelled to disrobe for a rollicking bedroom romp – but this was her first feature film. It hailed from the same production company that would go on to make Les Miserables, Anna Karenina and The Theory of Everything.

What’s so unusual about this is that the actress in question managed to make her screen debut, naked, without compromising the course of her career. Thompson managed to disrobe for a romcom and still became one of the most well-respected actresses of her generation. At least the scene was played to the tune of a Rossini overture and is, to the extent simulated sex can be, quite witty.



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