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The 7 judgments people make within seconds of meeting you – You need to see this!

first impression-The 7 Judgments People Make Within SECONDS Of Meeting

Judgments people make: Ever wondered what someone’s first impression of you is? Now you know. Have you ever wondered what someone’s first impression of you is? Do you look like someone they can trust, or do you appear like an obnoxious individual before you even open your mouth? Do your clothes give a positive or negative impression? 


It’s superficial to judge someone based solely on looks, but unfortunately, it’s human nature. Even though we as a society are slowly breaking away from that, first impressions sometimes just stick, even if they stray from the far truth of who another person is. 

Business Insider recently produced this video that summarizes 7 first impressions people perceive after meeting someone new:

1. Your trustworthiness. In a study, participants were given 100 milliseconds to rate someone’s trustworthiness based on their face. Their ratings were the same as those who were given an unlimited time for the same task.

2. Your economic status. Wearing brand name clothing apparently implies that someone is rich, as opposed to someone who doesn’t.



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