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12 celebs who were killed by the Illuminati – this will shock you! (With Pictures)



Celebs who were killed by the Illuminati – There has long been speculation that the Illuminati control everything in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, many people believe that this secret society controls everything in the world.


There are even some cases in which people believe that certain celebrities and public figures were murdered as a “sacrifice” to appease the Illuminati. Of course, there’s no way to truly confirm this, since the Illuminati is top secret, and its members are likely never going to truly reveal themselves.

There have even been some instances in which the relatives or friends of family members have been murdered at the Illuminati’s command. Some believe that the organization commanded these killings in exchange for the celebrity to increase in fame.

Sure, all of this may sound extreme, or like the scrip of an action thriller. However, strange things happen in this world everyday, and sometimes the Illuminati is the only way to explain why some senseless killings occur. Whether or not you believe that the Illuminati exists, you have to admit there has to be some type of “logical” explanation for why some celebrities make it big, and others don’t. Here are 12 celebrities who are rumored to be killed by the Illuminati.

12. John F. Kennedy

There have long been Illuminati-related theories concerning the assassination of president Kennedy. Many believe that the president was working with the Illuminati initially, but he became a target once he started resisting the orders of the organization. This is likely what prompted the Illuminati to plan his murder. In November of 1963, President Kennedy was killed while in a car. He was 46 years old, and left behind a wife and four children. The Kennedy family in general has had extreme tragedies and deaths within their bloodline since then, even though they continue to be a prominent family, and their members include Maria Shriver.

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