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The 10 cruelest dictators still alive today (With Pictures)

10 Of The Cruelest Dictators Still Alive Today 700x339Cruelest dictators: Ask someone to name a dictator and the answer is almost always Adolf Hitler and/or Joseph Stalin. It’s quite easy as both are amongst a well-known group of horrible dictators and world leaders who have subjected millions to untold misery. And with good reason, as the former led the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II while the latter subjected his own people to a harsh living environment where dissenters were murdered.


But whilst Hitler, Stalin, and their contemporaries are all (thankfully) gone, there are other leaders and dictators who have taken their place and are making life difficult for the whole world. Just take a look at Equitorial Guinea where political opponents are allegedly killed and eaten by Teodoro Obiang Nguema, the country’ long-serving dictator. Other dictators on this list may not eat their opponents, but they do subject their populace to conditions no human should endure.

Whilst the people who live in complete freedom in first world countries don’t really experience problems beyond ‘where’s my phone charger?’, millions of people are still currently under the thumb of brutal dictators and are subjected to repressive regimes, extreme poverty, and constant violation of their basic human rights.

In no particular order, because let’s face it all these guys are bad, here are 10 of the world’s worst dictators who are still (unfortunately) alive and in power.

10. Kim Jong-Un, North Korea – The “Supreme Leader”



Kim Jong Un’s reign over North Korea may be still in its relative infancy, but he’s quickly racking up a reputation not unlike his father, Kim Jong Il. Not only does he look ridiculous, he seems to have inherited his father’s penchant for being a terrible human being.

When Kim took over as ‘Supreme Leader’ of North Korea, there were slim hopes that he would break his father’s regime. Unfortunately, not only are human rights violations continuing to happen all over North Korea, but Jong Un decided to add his own flair to his reign by engaging in some world leader trash talk using nuclear weapon threats.

He’s still young and time could mellow him, but he’s already making his mark on the world and it’s not looking like a good one.



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