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Top 10 manly cars a guy should have to compensate for a small manhood (With Pics)

1. The President of the United States’ Armored Limo



With the game Grand Theft Auto, some consoles have cheat codes that could make the main character’s car virtually invincible. The car is blast proof. Fireproof. Bullet proof. The wheels can’t be blown out, either. It defies logic that a car like that would even exist. For manly men, this car would be an extremely expensive, out of this world fantasy beyond their wildest dreams.

For the President of the United States, he drives around in what the media nicknames “The Beast.” The car can withstand bombs, bullets, grenades, biochemical attacks, blowouts, and even comes equipped with manly survival equipment like oxygen tanks and fire fighting gear. This car is so macho that it looks at fuel efficiency and gives it a strong middle finger, getting less than four miles to the gallon.

Can a car actually be too tough for this world? Yes.


Dolan Williams, therichest

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