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The 10 best selling Playboy issues of all time (With Pictures)

Best selling Playboy issues – For generations, people have been preoccupied with speed. They want to see how fast things fly through the air. They want to see how fast things drive on the ground. Even for speed that is hard to calculate with the naked eye, like with computers or phones, people are curious about speeding things up.


But what’s the fastest thing ever? A young boy trying to hide his copy of Playboy magazine when someone opens his bedroom door. It’s unconfirmed, but scientists have clocked it around 50 to 60 billion miles per hour.

There’s a reason for this. Playboy magazine has fed America’s natural desire to express their sexuality and has sparked curiosity in people young and old for decades. Playboy’s legacy will be empowering women to bare themselves in their all-natural state and visualizing men’s fantasies. It even created an empire whose bunny logo is as recognizable as Nike or Apple. Sadly, the rabbit community is irate that its likeness is being used and has hired Dr. Doolittle to represent its interests.

On October 12, The New York Times reported that the company was no longer going to show nudity in its magazine. To celebrate the end of an era, here is a list of the highest selling copies of Playboymagazine sold in its history.

10. Tara Reid, January/February 2010 – 200,000 copies sold


The Internet has made finding pictures of naked women really easy, but finding pictures of nakedcelebrities (that haven’t been Photoshopped to death) can be really tricky. This is where Playboy has differentiated itself. In 2010, the January/February issue flew off the newsstands 200,000 times, mostly because Playboy believed in Tara Reid.

Stop laughing. It’s true. Playboy has always had an eye to not necessarily spot “talent”, but to spot stars that move their magazines. Admittedly, at one point, Tara’s career was on life support. There were probably prison inmates with a brighter future than her in 2010. But now, Tara’s fame has been rekindled by her performance in the Sharknado series and a highly anticipated upcoming variety series with Tom Green and Andrew Dice Clay. This is a far cry from her days acting in movies about sex with an apple pie. Well… no, it isn’t. Playboy just knew what they were doing.



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