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10 relationship stages all couples go through if they’re truly in love

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Relationship stages: Relationships are complicated, beautiful, fun, heartbreaking and amazing. Every relationship you will ever be in throughout your life will teach you something not only about what you are looking for in the opposite sex, but every relationship will teach you something about yourself. Although every relationship is different, there are certain phases that, no matter who you are dating, will unavoidably occur.


The following are ten phases that every relationship will inescapably go through. That is, if you make it through all of them.

Relationships are difficult. I don’t think our generation realizes the amount of work previous generations put into their marriages in order to make them last so long. These stages are not all good, but if you and your partner are able to get through them, it will only make your bond stronger. When you find someone special, you need to be able to compromise, open up and truly understand one another. Life is hard, but with the right partner by your side it can become a lot easier.

10. The “Honeymoon” Stage 

This is the first and, to many, the best stage of any relationship. It usually starts with an attraction or an uncontrollable urge to be part of each other’s lives. The two of you share a connection and it is the time of the relationship where you get to explore your feelings for one another. Throughout this stage, the two of you will overlook any flaws the other has, focusing on the good. This is a great stage of the relationship because everything is new and exciting. However, it is a superficial phase. Many people wish this phase would last forever, but the honeymoon must come to an end.



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