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10 shocking confessions drug dealers made about their celebrity clients (With Pictures)


Confessions drug dealers made: – Drugs can be a very dangerous game. Many people use drugs to enjoy the night life. Drugs can provide a getaway from reality and the recreational users are certain they can control their effects. High school parties and college parties are ripe with alcohol and drugs. From marijuana to cocaine, the drugs at events mirror the people who attend the parties. It seems the more money people have, the greater the level of the drug.


Certainly, conventional drugs aren’t the only abuses going on. People partake in prescription drug abuses as well. These can often lead to deadly consequences as party-goers mix alcohol, hard drugs and prescription drugs.

The entertainment industry has been a mecca of drug abuse for decades. The lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous have led to ample money and opportunity to abuse a wide range of drugs. Sometimes the abuses come out of boredom and the desire to have fun. These abuses also stem from issues from their past, and are used as a coping mechanism. And sometimes drug use comes from a driving need to escape the world.

Numerous stars have died due to mixing drug cocktails and abusing a variety of prescription and recreationally used narcotics. No matter what the celebrity requires, drug dealers are there to help them. Drug use is rampant in the entertainment industry and drug dealers are more than happy to supply. These drug dealers work off of referral and obviously attempt to stay well below the radar. They don’t use their real names when disclosing some of this information but they do name customers. They allege massive drug abuse with the entertainment industry and amongst its stars. These are 10 Confessions Drug Dealers Made About Their Celebrity Clients.

10. Amanda Bynes – Dirty Apartment And Loves Weed

Amanda Bynes has been a bit of a mess over the last few years. Her legal troubles have stemmed from numerous driving incidents in which she wasn’t at her best. We like to refer to her as “Little Lohan” for the similarities in their paths and issues. Bynes hasn’t quite reached the 4 rehab stints status, but over the recent years has had numerous drug- and alcohol- related problems. reported one of her disgruntled dealers dropping Bynes like a bad habit after she stole his stash of marijuana.

 In addition, Bynes had photographer Giovanni Arnold over and he told Touch magazine that he took photos of her smoking a joint. He also claimed “weed was everywhere. On the bed, all over the floor.” He also claims Amanda did cocaine while he was at her dirty apartment. He continued, “She probably gets so high that sometimes she won’t even leave her house.” Ouch.

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