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12 Celebs you didn’t know have had breast reduction surgery – #1 will shock you! (With Pictures)


Celebs who sadly did breast reduction

Celebs you didn’t know have had breast reduction – When one thinks of celebrities and breasts, one usually thinks of those that have fake boobs. When a celebrity thinks her boobs are not big enough, she will often pay to have them enhanced.  There is another type of boob job a lot of celebrities have had, though, and not the type that one would think.


A lot of celebrities have had breast reduction surgery to make their boobs smaller. Some have done it because they just don’t like their boobs being so big, while others have done it for health reasons. Supposedly lugging around enormous breasts all day can make one uncomfortable.  Others just don’t like to be noticed so much for what they have going on up top and want to have a better self image.

So which celebrities have had breast reduction surgery? Some of them are obvious, or maybe should be, if you think about what they have going on up there. But some others are pretty much a complete surprise. Some of these women have done it more than once, which really begs the question…for the love of God…why?

To answer that, and many other questions about breasts, here is our list of 12 celebrities who have had breast reduction surgery.

12. Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer is, and always has been, gorgeous, and has had a very successful acting career. This one on the list is a bit of a mystery as Jennifer has never admitted to surgery, it is just that her breasts are half the size they used to be, if that. It is possible that she had implants before and she had them removed, or it could be that she had breast reduction surgery. Unless she comes clean, people are not going to know, but it is obvious that something was done in that area.

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