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14 Celebrity sextapes that broke the internet (With Pictures)

Celebrity sextapes – These 14 celebs suffered the consequences of making a sex tape. So you’ve snapped a topless picture or maybe made a short sex video and it seems totally fine because it’s for your perfectly sweet boyfriend and he’d never publicize it any way. That would never happen to you. Right?


Yeah, that mentality is never okay, because a sex video is a sex video and once you break up, you never know what the other person would do. You also don’t need the other party for your sex video to get out to the world, as exhibited by the massive leak earlier this year for tons of female celebrities. From people who gained notoriety from their leaked sex videos like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton to people like Chelsea Handler who put hers out on purpose, there are countless of celebrities that have made sex videos that have accidentally (or purposely) been sent out to the world via a wonderful thing called the Internet. While many of them are revealed, for whatever reason people continue to make them and with hacking being a major problem as of late, we can probably expect that the trend will never end … you know, unless celebrities stop filming themselves, which is a pretty easy fix if you ask us. Some are leaked and some are released, but these 14 celebs all have one thing in common: sex videos.

14. Colin Farrell

In 2006, a 14-minute video of the actor and his ex, Playboy model Nicole Narain, hit the internet. He sued and now only bits and pieces exist.



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