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20 most shocking film moments by America’s sweethearts actresses

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Most shocking film moments – Hollywood filmmakers and casting agents have arguably the most powerful positions in the entertainment industry, since they have the unique ability to make or break a career. While portraying villains onscreen can be extremely satisfying for an actress, nothing is more fulfilling than having the love of the public.


While there are a number of actresses that have tried their hand at acting through various television and film roles, there aren’t many that can be considered to be beloved by all. Yet being considered America’s sweetheart isn’t just about having the love of the people. Since Hollywood takes its cues from the opinion of the public, the actresses chosen for specific roles are based on whether or not the world actually wants to see them onscreen.

Just as the journey to achieve the status of an American sweetheart on film is an arduous one, so is the ability to maintain it. As always, public opinion is a fickle thing that can quickly turn against an actress. From issues in their personal lives to mistakes in their film role choices, there are only a handful of actresses that can still truly be thought of as one of America’s sweethearts on the silver screen.

For those that have had the pleasure of being in the public’s good graces, there have, however been some film roles that have changed public perception. Whether it was for better or worse, check out our list of the 20 most shocking film moments by America’s sweetheart actresses on the big screen.

20. Jennifer Lawrence In Silver Linings Playbook


Before Silver Linings Playbook gained eight Academy Award nominations and became a huge box office success, it was just a small movie that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s difficult to categorize the film into one specific genre, since there are so many underlying themes throughout the film. From the father and son relationship between Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro to the mental health issues from Cooper’s bipolar character, the film even has an underdog storyline behind all the romance. Jennifer Lawrence had already gained a large fan base for her role on The Bill Engvall Show and Winter’s Bone, as well as clips circulating online that made her even more endearing. Her performance in Silver Linings Playbook was more of the same, in that it sealed the deal in capturing America’s heart. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that Lawrence wound up taking home the Academy Award for Best Actress, but the dance scene in the film was plenty surprising enough. Without enough time to practice the “big move,” the end dance resulted in Cooper’s face pressed up against Lawrence’s crotch in a shocking cringe-worthy moment of the film.



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