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LADIES: Before you get married to your boyfriend, make sure you do these 10 things in front of him!

9. Leave a bloody tampon in the garbage

Don’t judge. Even if he’s never had anyone be this open ever before, if he’s going to be intimate with you, he should really know how things actually work. This goes for changing pads, too.

Sometimes a man has to see those large amounts of blood to really get what you go through. And, of course, if you plan on having children and he’s like most American men now, he will be watching the birth of your children. He needs to be prepped.


10. Indulge in your secret habit — whatever it is!

You know, that thing that no one else in the whole world knows about. Haven’t you been dying to share it with someone? Now’s your chance to share something unexpected about you. It might even be something silly like mine was.

When I was nursing my first child, I picked up the habit of reading celebrity tabloids. I hid them when my husband was around. I eventually told him and we had a good laugh about how I thought he was going to judge me.

I guess that’s really the answer as to why do all of these things: The longer you spend with someone, the more it gets tough to hide things and the more you don’t want to pretend at anything. You want to be the full you — woman and human — and know you will still be loved, adult diapers and all.

Source: Yourtango

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