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12 shocking wrestling storyline changes that could have happened (With Pictures)

2. Goldust Wanted Breast Implants

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That title isn’t a typo, and it really was considered. It wasn’t the concept of the WWE creative department, it was the concept of Dustin Runnels himself. While the Goldust character was rather androgynous, this just went a little too far.

When he first appeared on screen, Runnels’ character suggested that he was homosexual and would often play on the psyche of his opponents.

As the story goes, Runnels approached McMahon with the idea, as he was desperate to recapture the attention that the character had during his earlier run in the company.

The concept went as far as to plan for cameras to film the procedure taking place. Both Vince Russo and Vince McMahon have validated this story, as has Runnels who initially asked Russo to approach McMahon with the idea. As history shows, the idea never took place.



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