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12 shocking wrestling storyline changes that could have happened (With Pictures)


Wrestling storyline – Wrestling fans watch for a number of reasons, whether it’s the athleticism, the competition, the storytelling in the ring, or the drama that can come from well-executed storylines. however, what we see isn’t always the initial plan.


In fact, there have been a number of occasions where what we eventually saw has gone through a process of editing, revising and adjusting along the way. What we see is the final product after many potential changes to the initial plans for a match, gimmick or storyline.

There is no question that some storylines leave something to be desired, while others were better off not happening in the first place. For a number of the suggested storylines below, what we eventually saw was not the original plan.

Whether it was who was the assailant in the Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage hit and run, or the guilty party in the attempted murder of Mr. McMahon, plans change on the fly. Fans have been witness to some incredible revelations, while in other instances they have had to deal with being let down.

Which wrestling storylines changes made our list that could have happened? Feel free to share with us your opinion on social media.

12. A Different Imposter Kane Idea

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For years Kane has been played by one man. Glen Jacobs has donned various masks and showed the character’s evolution.

However, at one time Jacobs was contemplating retirement, and though it’s been nearly twenty years that he has been in the WWE, the company couldn’t just end the character because it still had value.

The promotion came up with the storyline of an imposter Kane who made his debut at the In Your House: Badd Blood pay per view in a full body suit and full mask.

The imposter at the time was Luke Gallows now one-half, of the tandem Anderson and Gallows. The storyline was going to be that the imposter had his life stolen years earlier when he was imprisoned for years and now was finally returning exacting his revenge. As we know, Jacobs decided against retirement and the storyline didn’t go very far.



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