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15 hated celebs who are now loved by everyone (With Pictures)


Hated celebs who are now loved by everyone – Sometimes in life, we have to experience the lows before we can get to the top, and celebrities aren’t any different for that matter. There are countless celebrities who have found themselves hitting rock bottom; checking into rehab, facing near-death experiences over their own reckless actions — all which, of course, contributed to the public’s distaste for them.


It’s one thing to be hated by the world, but it’s another to be hated by everyone and face your own issues, that include the likes of battling a drug addiction and suffering from a mental disorder. As crazy as it sounds, many celebrities have faced similar incidents, where they found themselves being very unlikeable, to the point where many even wondered how they were still able to have a career in Hollywood.

But their turnaround story is quite remarkable, because, despite their negative reputation, these 15 celebrities eventually managed to turn that around into what one would consider quite the remarkable comeback. See below for the full list.

15. Miley Cyrus

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When Miley Cyrus decided to change up her entire image and reinvent herself by getting rid of her Hannah Montana past, nobody really expected the singer to go as far as she did. From the raunchy songs to the very explicit music videos; it was clear that Miley was stepping out of her Disney Channel shoes in the hopes of finding her true self — something which infuriated a lot of parents. They felt as if Miley was beginning to show how much of a bad influence she is on teenagers with her provocative lyrics and dance routines, but Cyrus stressed that her new image is just who she is, adding that she wasn’t going to change herself for no one. The irony in all of this is that, ever since reconciling with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, Miley has ditched the raunchy persona and returned to her roots. She is reportedly planning to get married sometime next year, having promised the actor that she’s over the publicity stunts and the shock value outfits. Instead, she’s looking forward to the peaceful and quiet life with the man she considers the love of her life.



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