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10 terrifying facts about the Bermuda Triangle (With Pictures)

3. Home To Rough Weather

The area that makes up the Bermuda Triangle has been known to be home to extremely frightening weather conditions. The US government agency directly blames bad weather and mediocre navigation for the numerous disappearances. Well, that’s good to know right?

The US government agency has completely ruled out any and all theories that revolves around worm holes, aliens and underground cities. Stating that the disappearances that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle were comparable to many disappearances all over the world.

However, cruise ships and air planes constantly sail and fly through this zone and through many more hazardous areas and live to tell the tale and so it must be the captain’s fault. In the case of Flight 19 — it must have been all 5 airplanes who messed up big, all at the same time. To think more than that, well that’s just blasphemous.



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