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15 Celebs’ makeup free photos that will redefine how you see makeup


Celebs’ makeup free photos – Bare is beautiful. Women face countless pressures every single day. We work hard, but earn less money than men. We struggle over dividing out time between work and our families. We struggle to be the right weight. We struggle to wear the right clothes.


But perhaps the most common everyday pressure women face today is the pressure to wear makeup when we leave our houses.

That pressure isn’t just in our heads.

Women who wear makeup to work are more likely to get jobs, get promotions, or receive raises. We aren’t going crazy, the world is going crazy, and it wants us to buy out the cosmetics aisle in our local pharmacy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup. I think it can be a pick-me-up when you’re having a bad day.

I wear it as armor when I’m going to meet someone new or I need a boost in confidence. It’s also a fun, easy way to express my mood. And it can make me feel sexy as hell.

But you know what makes me feel even more sexy, what really bolsters my confidence? 

Not wearing makeup all.

There is something bold and powerful about a woman showing the world her bare face. It shows just how strong your self-esteem is. It’s revealing your vulnerability, it’s exuding confidence, it’s a message we should be sending to the younger generations every single day of the week.

These celebrities are a crucial part of the no makeup movement, and their selfies prove exactly what I’m trying to say.

1. Jessica Alba

no makeup selfies

This makeup free selfie is cute as can be, thanks to Jessica Alba’s cute hat choice.



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