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25 times celebrities got badly drunk in public – Beyonce & Miley were completely messed up (With Photos)

24. Pamela Anderson

Awwww yeah! Don’t you love it when creepy men with flame tattoos get all up on your neck at a party? It just makes me so hot that I also need to stick out my tongue! That’s how making out works, right? Pamela Anderson can also hold her head all she wants in the photo on the left, but she still won’t be able to comprehend how much she drank that night, or the hangover that was inevitably waiting for her the next day.

As a fun bonus for Anderson, there was also a report back in 2012 that she got drunk at a restaurant in LA and started giving out lap dances after the LA Kings won a playoff game. Yikes!

23. Cameron Diaz

One thing that will become clear with this list is that one of the biggest things to make sure you have handy when you go out drinking if you’re famous is someone to help hold you up. The photo on the left was taken back in 2012 and showed Cameron Diaz leaving a club at 3am, so maybe she was just really tired!

It’s not clear when the photo on the right was taken, but any time you can capture a Hollywood celebrity with a drink in one hand and flipping the bird with the other, you know you’ve done your job as paparazzi.



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