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13 explanations for all the celebrity deaths in 2016

3. The Rock and Roll Celebrity Lifestyle

Another theory that could explain all of the celebrity deaths in 2016 could have something do with their hedonistic lifestyle – the drugs, the alcohol, the sleepless nights, the recklessness. On average, celebrities statistically tend to have shorter lifespans than your Average Joe. This was found in a 2013 study published in QJM: An International Journal of Medicine, which found that athletes, actors and creative people all tended to die earlier, at ages 77.4, 77.1 and 78.5 years, respectively. While this isn’t exactly young, it is younger than people in other fields. The study speculated that the reason for the correlation between fame and early death could have something to do with the tendency to engage in high-risk behaviors, such as smoking and drinking. The rock and roll lifestyle, for example, could easily explain the early deaths of both David Bowie and Prince. Bowie, for example, famously lived on nothing more than cocaine, milk and red peppers for a period in his life. This would also suggest that we might see a lot more rock and rollers bite the dust in the next few years.



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