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10 weird things we all do but will never, ever admit – #3 is so hilarious (With Pictures)

Weird things we all do: We, people, regard ourselves as rational human beings, but is that really so? Each of us has done something irrational at least once in our life, but the truth is – we do weird, crazy things on a daily basis without even noticing. We are constantly bombarded by our own emotions and more often than not we lose that battle and end up doing unexplainable things. How is that possible? Well, no one knows for sure, the answers to that are probably hidden in our subconsciousness. One thing we do know– everyone does those strange things, but no one will ever admit to the fact. Here are 10 crazy things we all have done at least once.


Pretended to be looking at something you weren’t actually interested in

That moment when you are heading towards the item you need most and there’s someone already standing there. And what do you do? You start gawking at something completely irrelevant like that’s exactly what you were looking for. Sounds familiar? This has happened to everyone, but people just won’t admit it!



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