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36 sweetest things you and your boyfriend can do to better your love

#29 Don’t disturb her just to get her attention. If you know she’s sleeping or working hard on something, don’t disturb her by getting excited or noisy just because you’re bored and looking for attention.

#30 Give up bad habits together. If your girlfriend is trying to give up a bad habit, be it smoking or excessive shopping, give her the emotional support she needs. And likewise, if there’s a bad habit of yours she’s trying to help you get rid of, help her help you.

#31 Talk about her dreams. All of us have big dreams, but very few of us have the drive and the determination to follow it. Talk about her dreams and discuss ways by which she can achieve it. Help her work on deadlines and create a list of things to do, and before she realizes it herself, you would have helped her do more than just dream. You could help her make the dream a reality.

#32 Be her man Friday. As a guy, you know you’re better at some things than she is. So if there are a few things you’re good at doing, like fixing her car or speeding up her laptop, do it for her. Be the guy she can always depend on to fix anything in her life because you’re so awesome!



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